"There's two ways to deal with mystery: uncover it, or eliminate it. "

In the center of the largest metropolitan community in Japan stands the stronghold of Hope, Hopes Peak Academy. An educational institution known the world over as the epitome of Hope and Prosperity for the next generation of leaders, Hopes Peak Academy holds the powerful reputation of providing their graduates with an almost guaranteed route to success after High School. Students of this esteemed Academy are scouted and invited, for only the best of the best are given the opportunity to study here. Students at Hopes Peak are scouted under the pretense of a specific Super High-School Level title for their given field of expertise. Super High-School level students get the opportunity to achieve gauranteed success and prosperity on graduating, making enrollment into such an instituion but a privledge and a blessing. Any student would be happy to be given such a great opportunity at such a young, adolescent age...

Almost every student...

A group of twenty Super High-School Level students finds themselves separated from the remainder of their classmates and away from the safety of Hope's Peak Academy as they face against the greatest despair-inducing event in the history of mankind. In a world free of the clutches of the group Super High School Level Despair, will these students be able to come together and maintain Hope and Peace, or will a new, unexpected terror overtake them?

Twenty students. One Mastermind. Who will surivive Dangan Ronpa: Despair Days?

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